"He creating a world for people to forget their troubles      for a  while"

" It is important in the world we are living in today"

" The entire concept of DJ' ing has changed so much over    the  years"

   Back in the day, the Dwas not the focal point ; 

" The DJ was  someone off the side or in a corner and    people just danced  throughout the night"  

"Nowadays the DJ determined his event"


In his youth , he was still very young , he was a allround DJ for a couple of years .

Then after years of silence , he was a lot older,  he started again

rom4Trance is a DJ & producer , headlining festivals and parties around the world.

No typical club or allround DJ , "he lie in finding fresh and always to bring those original DJ sets on stage "



Internationally respected for his skills" and DJ sets.

His music brings the party to new high levels with his skills .

Long may he continue to be the lone original Trance & Hard Dance DJ of his age .


" It is a competition. At that stage, 

the testosterone also flies around your ears. 

Everyone wants to play as hard as possible, 

and make the best impression possible with those people.

And that is ok. That is the game you play. "

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